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Phantom Coaches Hearse Club® is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the preservation and enjoyment of coach-built vehicles.
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To apply for membership and/or place merchandise orders, customers must submit their name, address, phone number, and email address. Required information is necessary for us to process transactions and allows us to contact you should the need arise.
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We use only cookies in three areas. One cookie is for the message board as it relates to the pop-up alert regarding the sliding menu. That cookie expires after seven days if the message board is not revisited. Another cookie is for the music console, it expires after six hours. The other cookie is for the order processing program to remember who you are so you don't have to re-type your address and contact info each time you use the form. That cookie expires after three months from the last time you use the order processing program.
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We do not offer questionnaires or surveys to collect demographic data to assess your interests and needs. The only profile data we collect is for membership purposes only and then it's optional.
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We do not disclose, share, sell or otherwise provide any information submitted by customers to third parties unless specified by the customer. If requested by a third party for customer information, the individual customer may be contacted by a Phantom Coaches Hearse Club® representative for authorization.
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Hearse Description

A hearse is NOT required for membership. If you do not have a hearse then simply leave it blank.

Description of fields:

"Year" is the year the coach was made.

"Chassis" is the manufacturer of the chassis such as Cadillac, Pontiac, etc.

"Builder" is the coach builder such as S&S, Superior, etc.

"Color" is the color of the coach such as Gold, Black on blue, white, etc.

"License" is the license plate on the coach for those who want to share their clever vanity plates with the rest of us.

"Make/Model/Style/Type" is where most of the descriptive information goes such as, "Crown Royal 3-way landau", "Olympia end-loader", "Consort conbination limo style", etc. If you don't know exactly what to put in this field, don't worry, just put down as much as you know. You could also consult our online library for help. Some info that may help is below.

Some examples of full descriptions are:
1962 Oldsmobile Cotner-Bevington, Green with black top, Consort end-loader landau hearse, URNEXT
1976 Cadillac S&S, black, Centenial edition, three-way landau hearse, 6FTUNDR
1957 Pontiac Superior, white limo combination, MYCOMBO

Q: What is a 3-way hearse?
Q: What is a side-loader hearse?
Q: What is the difference between a 3-way and a side-loader hearse?

A: Up until the 1930s, all funeral cars were of the end-loading variety. End-loading refers to how the casket was loaded into the vehicle (through the rear opening). In the 1930s, a man by the name of Heise invented a mechanism in which a casket sits on a table that can swivel and allow the casket to be loaded and removed through the side doors as well as the traditional rear door of the vehicle. This was called "side-loading." Some years later, Miller-Meteor improved upon the design to allow the entire table to move out the rear door as well as out the sides. They coined the term "3-way" for their improved design. The rest of the coach building industry adopted that term as well without the subsequent improvement to their designs. Later, the rest of the industry went back to calling that feature "side-loading".

Payment Method

We accept payments in US dollars only. Money orders, bank checks, and personal checks (from US banks) are acceptable. We also accept VISA and Master Cards with an additional service fee of of $0.30 plus 2.2% of the transaction. This fee comes from the credit card service we use which we forward on to you for the convenience of using a credit card.

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